Musical workshop Harmony is an official dealer of famous Ukrainian Trembita musical instruments. You can buy here Trembita musical instruments at the best prices. A 60-year experience of acoustic guitar production has made the name of Trembita a synonym of high quality in the music industry. With the help of new technologies Trembita provides average consumers with the possibilities having pertained only to much more expensive instruments before.

The company’s work aims at establishing new sound standards and price relations, enabling its customers to buy guitar both for mass and individual use.

New technologies, high-quality completion materials, the best species of wood (reverberatory fir, sycamore, maple, mahogany, ebony), new designs, large experience and high qualification of professionals allow the consumers to buy reliable guitars of high quality today.

The guitar is new. It was made in Ukraine in 2015.

Leo Tone guitars are made from specially selected wood, have an elaborated peg mechanics and “Queen” strings.

Despite a relatively recent appearance in the market, Leo Tone guitars have already gained popularity among musicians owing to their high quality.

This guitar is designed for solo and ensemble rendering of musical composition, as well as for learning.

It has its own passport, where the instructions for tuning and storage are given.


  • Sound range: From 1/2 from E in major octave to B in second octave.
  • Scale, millimeters: 650
  • Number of strings: 6


  • Instruments should be tuned organoleptically in accordance with the tuning fork, which provides the oscillation frequency of (440+5) hertz.
  • Sounding of first open string: E in first octave (E1).
  • Pitch (interval between the sounding of open strings) major third between sounding of 2nd and 3rd strings: fourth between the sounding of 1st and 2nd, 3rd and 4th, 4th and 5th, 5th and 6th strings.

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New Ukrainian 6 Strings Acoustic Guitar Leo Tone Black & White Graphic, 61

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