How to assemble a piano accordion


In this video, we demonstrate how to assemble an accordion after receiving two parcels.

We make a professional accordion package with a lot of foam rubber and we use our special technology of packing.

We pack accordions in two separate boxes (treble and bass parts of the accordion separately). This technology prevents accordions from damages during shipping.

1 Step. Unpack two boxes how it is shown in this video.

2 Step. Carefully clean the treble and bass parts of an accordion from styrofoam pieces and take off the stretch film.

3 Step. Install treble part of accordion on its bass part.

4 Step. Put nails in the holes.

5 Step. Take off the tape from the bass buttons.

Hooray, your accordion is ready for playing and enjoying.

Thank you for watching.

Yours sincerely, “Harmony” musical workshop team.