If you're looking for a marvelous top-quality Backgammon set, this is the perfect choice for you!

This high class backgammon is made in Ukraine.

Backgammon set dimensions

  • Opened: 21in (length) x 23in (width) or 53cm (length) x 58cm (width).
  • Closed: 21in (length) x 11in (width) or 53cm (length) x 29cm (width).

This high-quality backgammon board is made of natural wood and high-quality material which looks and feels like a skin of crocodile (don't be confused, this is not real skin of crocodile). This backgammon has image of Golden Dynasty on it, which is made from natural leather with the help of high-tech technology of leather pressing, which makes amazing design of this backgammon board.

This Backgammon board includes set of woody, perfectly polished playing pieces with natural leather elements inside and two dices.

Brand new handmade piece of art.

We are sure that playing it will bring you a lot of excitement.

You can consider this backgammon as an art piece item, because it's very elegant and has a perfect quality.

This backgammon set is a great gift!

We work directly with art manufacturers, so be sure that you buy original backgammon for the best price here.

We are also looking for dealers for our backgammons all over the world. We can offer very interesting business terms.


We ship worldwide!

Shipping to Europe usually takes 4-10 working days. Shipping to the USA usually takes 10-20 days. Worldwide shipping usually takes 7-28 days.

We also accept combined items in one shipping. We will make professional backgammon's package with a lot of foam-rubber.

All pictures that you see are actual, not downloaded from anywhere.

21" Golden Dynasty Luxury Backgammon Set, Leather & Wood, Tournament Board, 717, High Class Backgammon.

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  • $148.00
  • $133.20

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