• Treble: 34 keys
  • Bass: 5 rows, 80 buttons
  • Treble switches: 5
  • Bass switches: 3
  • Treble reed plates: 3
  • Bass reed plates: 2
  • Weight: 8.19 kg / 18.05 pounds
  • It comes with brand-new leather straps
  • It comes with a brand-new soft case
  • Made in Germany
  • Item condition: used (refurbished)
  • All treble and bass reeds are in tune
  • All buttons and mechanics work properly
  • The accordion doesn't have any problems
  • The accordion is tuned, professionally inspected and completely ready for playing

Our licensed musical workshop "Harmony" restores, tunes, and prepares instruments for musicians.

We are professionals in accordions and we have a huge experience with these instruments.

We sell only original accordions, which are fully prepared for playing.

This is a rare vintage German piano accordion Galotta. It has very high quality.

This piano accordion will be good for any advanced, professional users for concerts and shows of any kind.

The accordion has a very beautiful, amazing treble sound and a deep and rich bass sound!

It comes with brand-new leather straps and a brand-new soft case.

Don't miss it!

This accordion was carefully checked, tuned, and prepared for long-term playing. Be sure that if you buy this accordion from our shop, you will receive it on time and can play it right away after receiving it. This accordion will be in great condition for years and will bring you delight.

All photos of the accordion that you see are actual, not downloaded from anywhere.

Pay attention

Almost every used accordion private sellers/owners offer requires small or considerable maintenance. High-quality repairs and tuning of the accordion are expensive: sometimes, the charge for repairs exceeds the cost of the instrument itself. That is why we recommend you buy instruments from licensed sellers with big experience and profound knowledge in this area, such as our musical workshop. Our musical workshop “Harmony” sells not just used accordions, but the ones thoroughly checked, restored, tuned, and 100% ready for playing. The qualified masters of our shop carry out this work.


We guarantee that if you buy this accordion, you will receive it in full working condition so you can play it immediately. Otherwise, we will refund your money. You can return it within 14 days of receiving it.


We ship worldwide!

Shipping to Europe usually takes 7-10 days.

Shipping to the USA usually takes 10-16 days.

Worldwide shipping usually takes 7-28 days.

We will make professional accordion packaging with a lot of foam rubber.

We use only an elaborated and checked throughout-the-year technology of accordion packages, thanks to which they always arrive ‘safe and sound’ in a fully working condition, regardless of what spot on the globe you are in.

For more than thirty years, our musical workshop "Harmony" has had an army of customers who are sincerely grateful to us. We always try to do our best with all our orders.

Do not miss your chance to become the proud owner of an excellent musical instrument.

You have a great chance to buy the original accordion for a very reasonable price!

Feel free to email us with any questions.

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Galotta German Accordion, 80 Bass buttons, Original Piano Accordion Instrument, New Straps and Soft Case, 2396, Vintage Keyboard Accordian, Rich and Bright Sound

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