• Treble: 2 rows, 25 buttons
  • Bass: 3 rows, 25 buttons
  • Treble reed plates: 3
  • Bass reed plates: 2
  • Dimensions: 326x198x370 mm or 12.8x7.8x14.6 inches
  • Weight: 6.00 kg / 13.22 pounds
  • It comes with original soft case
  • It comes with original leather straps
  • Made in Tula, Russia
  • Item condition: brand new
  • The button accordion (harmonica) is professionally inspected and is completely ready for playing

Welcome to musical workshop "Harmony"

Our licensed musical workshop "Harmony" is an official dealer of the factory «Tulskaya Garmon». You have an excellent opportunity to purchase brand new, exclusively original garmons and bayans manufactured at the factory «Tulskaya Garmon», the highest quality for a reasonable price. Buying garmons and bayans from us, you can be absolutely sure that they are going to serve you perfectly today, tomorrow, and years from now!

About the factory «Tulskaya Garmon»

«Tulskaya Garmon» is a factory that continues ancient Russian traditions, dating back to the days when there were the first garmons in Russia. It was in Tula, where the first garmon was produced (in 1820). Tula was the major supplier of garmons for the entire Russian Empire, and it remains so today. Since ancient times Tula garmons were famous for their originality, unique sound, good quality and beautiful design. Tula bayans and garmons were named the best in Russia on numerous competitions, which was confirmed at craftsmanship's contests (musicians were playing behind the curtains, and the jury identified the quality of instrument sound without any additional equipment). The musical instruments of the Tula factory won incredible popularity in Russia and abroad. Repeatedly, musical instruments of Tula craftsmen were awarded at various international competitions. The ensembles famous in Russia and the whole world play Tula bayans and garmons: State academic Russian folk ensemble "Russia", Pyatnitsky State Russian folk choir, State academic folk dance ensemble and many more. The new generation of musical instruments meets all the highest requirements that musicians might have. The unique sound of Tula bayans and garmons has a high reputation all over the world. Musicians often use such phrases as "real Tula bayan" or "Tula bass" etc. Tula bayans and garmons are famous for powerful and rich bass sound, which much better than German and Italian analogs have. Also, Tula instruments have amazing soulful treble sound. Today the factory "Tulskaya Garmon" produces a lot of instruments and caters to all tastes. Instruments intertwine cultural and folk traditions with unique high-quality sound. 85 years of experience in musical instrument production has made the name of «Tulskaya Garmon» a synonym of high quality in the music industry. Our bayans and garmons are high-quality instruments with unique character!

About button accordion (harmonica) Kulikovo Pole G-3

This is a famous Russian garmon Kulikovo Pole with three treble reeds. This great garmon will be good for any advanced, professional users, for concerts and shows of any kind. The sound of the garmon is ringing and cheerful which is a special feature of the folklore instrument. This garmon has a very beautiful, rich treble sound and deep and powerful bass sound! This excellent Russian garmon is fit for playing the music of different genres, it has high-quality characteristics and perfect design with folk style artistic painting. If you have any further questions about this garmon, please contact us.

This button accordion (harmonica) comes with an original brand new soft case and original leather straps.

You will receive a brand new original musical instrument from the company "Tulskaya Garmon". Prior to the sale, all bayans undergo a multistage check. The button accordion (harmonica) will be delivered to the buyer in absolute safety. Please note that the design of the instruments may insignificantly differ from the samples submitted in our shop.

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Pay attention

If you wish to buy an original accordion (harmonica) and receive it in a fully working condition to play it right away and take pleasure in it, we do recommend you to deal only with professionals, like our musical workshop "Harmony". Firstly, you will receive a brand new original musical instrument from the company "Tulskaya Garmon". Prior to the sale, all the accordions (harmonicas) undergo a multistage check and are delivered to the buyer in absolute safety. Secondly, we use only an elaborated and checked throughout the years' technology of accordion package, due to which they always arrive 'safe and sound' in a fully working condition, regardless of what spot on the globe you are in. Please, keep in mind, that an accordion can suffer considerable damage because of a wrong package or non-observance of rules, even if it is sent to you from a nearby city. Buying an accordion in our musical workshop "Harmony", you are guaranteed to get an original accordion in 100% working condition.


We guarantee that if you buy this accordion, you will get it in a fully working condition to play it right away, otherwise we will refund you your money. You can return it within 14 days after receiving it.


We ship worldwide!

Shipping to Europe usually takes 4-7 working days with regular post service work.

Shipping to the USA usually takes 10-18 days with regular post service work.

Worldwide shipping usually takes 7-28 days.

We will make professional accordion’s package with a lot of foam-rubber.

We use only an elaborated and checked throughout the years technology of accordion package, thanks to which they always arrive ‘safe and sound’ in a fully working condition, regardless of what spot on the globe you are in.

For more than ten years of our musical workshop "Harmony" existence, we have received an army of customers sincerely grateful to us. We always try to do our best with all our orders.

Do not miss your chance to become the proud owner of an excellent musical instrument.

You have a great chance to buy the original accordion for a very reasonable price!

Feel free to email us any questions.

Brand New Russian Tulskaya Garmon Kulikov Field, Kulikovo Pole, Tula Harmonika, Button Accordion, High-Class Musical Instrument, 3-tonal, 2 Rows 25x25, G-3 Super sound!

  • Product Code:Kulikovo Pole / Куликово Поле
  • SKU Code : G-3 (25х25-III)
  • Availability:In Stock
  • $1,249.00
  • $1,124.10

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