About Us


Co-owner and CEO musical workshop Harmony accordion-bayan.com

Our licensed musical workshop Harmony professionally restores, tunes and prepares instruments for musicians. We sell not just used accordions, but refurbished accordions, which were thoroughly checked, restored, tuned and are 100% ready for playing and enjoying. We guarantee that if you buy any accordion in our store, you will get it in a fully working condition to play it right away. We sell accordions all over the world. We use only an elaborated and well-tried technology of accordion package, thanks to which they always arrive ‘safe and sound’, regardless of your location.

For more than 14 years of our musical workshop Harmony existence, we have received an army of customers sincerely grateful to us.

In our store you will also find:

  • Brand new accordions, bayans and garmons from company «Tulskaya Garmon». Our licensed musical workshop "Harmony" is an official dealer of the factory «Tulskaya Garmon». You have an excellent opportunity to purchase brand new exclusively original garmons and bayans of the highest quality for reasonable price.
  • Variety of high-quality rare musical instruments produced by the best Russian and Ukrainian manufacturers.
  • You can buy great backgammons of perfect quality. We work directly with Ukrainian art craftsmen, so be sure that you buy original backgammon for the same prices as offered by manufactures.
  • Original Russian and Ukrainian military uniforms. We sell uniforms directly from the military uniform depot. You have a great chance to buy the original uniform for the best price.

We appreciate each our client.

We always do our best to make our buyers happy to deal with us.

Yours sincerely,

Constantine M.

Director of Musical workshop “Harmony”.